5 Ways to Survive PMT without Killing Anyone ...


5 Ways to Survive PMT without Killing Anyone ...
5 Ways to Survive PMT without Killing Anyone ...

PMS or PMT (Pre-Menstrual Tension) as it's being referred to nowadays, is seriously something I think all girls can relate to and that's why you need ways to survive PMT. That horrible time right before your period where you can't decide if you're going to cry, scream, or hide is tough for all girls. Well, here are 5 ways to survive PMT without going off the deep end.

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Wallow in It. That’s Right – Why Fight It?

human hair color, photo shoot, sleep, girl, Every month you will feel tired, bloated, emotional, and moody. So rather than fighting these feelings, own them. Enjoy being lazy for a day or two. Cancel the party and have a Netflix marathon. Why not? Think about it. Are you really going to flirt with a hot guy while you look pregnant? Can your Spanx really handle what is going on in your belly? If you don’t feel sexy, you can’t be sexy. Save your night out for when you are feeling better and when your jeans won’t feel so tight. Put on loose clothes and wallow in your pain, instead. Let it all hang out. This is one of the best ways to survive PMT.


Watch B Grade Movies and Eat Cupcakes

shoulder, photo shoot, girl, When you are feeling emotional, sometimes you just want to be on your own. That time of the month can also have a load of anxiety come with it, so rather than think, switch off. Pick your fave B grade Danielle Steele or lame teenage drama telemovies and be transported to someone else’s problems for a while. Oh, and because you are alone you can do what you want. Say yes to pizza, and cupcakes for dessert with extra cream. You deserve it.



photo shoot, beauty, supermodel, fashion model, human hair color, PMT affects women in different ways. The days before your period are tiring. They can feel like a real effort, so just go to sleep. Get the energy and recuperation you need. Put your body first. Nurture it and let it rest with plenty of sleep. PMT can already make you feel grumpy, but at least you can do something about feeling tired by heading to bed early.


Hang out with Girlfriends

jeans, public space, infrastructure, road, street, If you crave company during this time, you will find you are less likely to argue with another woman. Being around a boyfriend during PMT is like walking among landmines for both of you. While your boyfriend might not intentionally do or say something to make you angry, sensitivity levels are high and you are likely to react. Everyone is better off backing away slowly rather than having a big show down during this time. Your girls understand to spend time with them during this week.



room, shoulder, structure, muscle, gym, Studies show that during the few days before your period, you burn more calories than usual. You may also feel more restless and aggressive than usual. To get rid of angst and to release some agitation, think boxercise. You will have that extra fire in your belly. Taking out your anger on a workout is a win-win situation. Get fit, release endorphins, and imagine you are punching whatever is bugging you.

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