6 Ways to Treat Depression 😱 for Girls Looking for Solutions βœ”οΈ ...

If you've been diagnosed, you're probably looking for ways to treat depression.

In truth, we tend to either romanticize mental illness, or be flippant about it. You tend to be a little finnicky about how something is arranged? β€œI’m so OCD!” You get nervous meeting someone new? β€œMy anxiety is playing up right now!” In reality, mental illness is not pretty, and healthy people often can’t comprehend the impact it can have.

The reality is that mental illness can have a pretty dramatic impact on how you cope with life. Of course, you've got to see your doctor for treatment, but recognizing your symptoms and triggers can also help.

So, without any further ado, here are some ways to treat depression that might work for you.

1. Eat the Right FOODs

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Either you haven’t eaten for several hours, or you haven’t eaten anything but chocolate for the last three days. Appetite fluctuates. Regardless of what your body physically needs, it is not playing ball. Eventually, a wave of nausea hits you, and you realize you haven’t eaten all day. Everything tastes like cardboard. Seeing a nutritionist and finding foods you love can really help and is one of the best ways to treat depression.

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