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Panty liners aren’t just for hokey commercials anymore. I admit that before my email conversation with Sara at Carefree, I really hadn’t given them much thought. But Sara provided me so much information on how Carefree panty liners have changed, and how many new things they can do, I just had to share! Here are 7 ways to use panty liners, some of which you’ve probably never thought of… and all of them fantastic!

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Extra Protection, of Course

This is the classic way most of us have used panty liners. It’s nice to have one to know that no matter what happens, there’s liner there to absorb spotting or sweat, along with any embarrassing odors.


To Yoga or the Gym

This was the idea from Sara at Carefree I liked the best! If you work out regularly, or do yoga, then you know that sweat happens EVERYWHERE. Why not use a panty liner to absorb sweat and odor and keep you protected during your more strenuous workouts? Keep a small pouch of them in your locker or gym bag, and feel a little more confident during a workout or yoga class.


Going Commando?

I hate panty lines! So sometimes I banish them by skipping panties altogether… if you’re going commando, you might want the protection of a panty liner, and also the comfort. The crotch seams in jeans or leggings can be pretty uncomfortable on your delicate lady parts!


Want to Freshen between Office and Night out?

Have a date right after work, or no time between office and happy hour to change? Freshen up with a Yes to Cucumbers face towel, a quick spritz of body spray, a swipe with a toothbrush, and a panty liner. Seriously! It’ll refresh you and give you a little extra layer of pick-me-up.



I hate how I feel after a long plane ride or road trip. Sara at Carefree also suggests using a panty liner when you know you’ll be traveling to help you stay fresh, and keep protected. What a great idea! I also keep those Yes to Cucumber facial towelettes in my carry-on for travel, too.


Just in Case…

Even if your periods are clockwork regular, it’s still a good idea to wear a panty liner on the days leading up to the start of your period. Stress or excessive exercise or weird hormones can cause an early start or occasional spotting, so wear a liner and don’t stress! You and your favorite panties are protected!


Keep One on Hand…

I can’t count how many times a friend or classmate, or even a total stranger at the gym, has asked me for a pad, tampon, or liner. I like keeping one on hand, not just for my own use, but just in case someone else needs one, too!

I really hadn’t thought of some of these ways to use a panty liner, had you? Like wearing one to the gym… what a great idea! I’m always sure to keep them in my gym bag now. What about you? Which of these ways to wear a panty liner are new to you? Or do you use them another way, too? Please share!

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