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Heart disease becomes a more pressing issue for women every single year, yet there are many ways women can prevent heart disease each and every day. My mom is growing older as all moms do, and I’m always telling her about ways women can prevent heart disease so she stays aware. I also make sure I stay up to date on health tips for women my age. Staying healthy for your heart no matter your age is so important, and it’s easy to overlook in our day to day lives. This year, be sure you stay aware of these ways women can prevent heart disease. Heart disease is the number one killer among women today. Stay aware, so you can stay healthy.

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Eat Clean

One of the absolute most important ways women can prevent heart disease is to stay healthy by eating clean. Get rid of processed foods that have unhealthy fats, high levels of sodium, sugar, additives, pesticides and chemicals. These foods aren’t just bad for your weight, liver and bloodstream, but essentially your heart. Keep your arteries clean with clean foods so your heart can work at tip top shape!


Say No to Smoke

If you smoke, quit! If you don’t, don’t start! Not smoking is one of the most simple ways women can prevent heart disease, yet so many often ignore the best advice.


Drink in Moderation

Drinking is not terrible in small amounts, but you should be choosing red wine, in small amounts, and if you drink it daily, in even smaller amounts. Be careful with alcohol consumption. Though some varieties can have benefits, alcohol is still a burden on your liver and it is not the best source of antioxidants.


Choose Antioxidants

Speaking of antioxidants, be sure when you eat, you’re choosing more antioxidant-rich foods. Sure, turkey and chicken may technically be clean foods, but they don’t have as many antioxidants as vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. Be sure you choose antioxidants at each of your meals with these foods, since they help fight harmful free radicals that age your body and put a burden on your heart and bloodstream.


Manage Stress

Stress is a leading cause of heart attacks, so to protect your heart, manage your stress. I know that sounds impossible in today’s world, but do what you can, with what time and resources you have. Even taking your lunch break alone will help you get some quiet time in your day. Or, get up early to do it! Not a morning fan? Take 30 minutes to yourself every night, somehow or other. Even if that means when you first get home before you start cooking dinner. Yoga and exercise are other great ways to manage stress, along with talking things out with people you love and deep breathing or meditating.



Like it or not, exercise is a must for preventing heart disease. I personally love to exercise, but my mom has a harder time catching onto my passion. Luckily, she’s active everyday, so I don’t pick on her too much, but I still try to convince her! Exercising is essential to moving your body, joints, muscles, and working your heart. It helps prevent aging, obesity, and manages your stress. Yoga is also a great stress reducing exercise, which takes care of two issues in one!



Did you know that laughter really is medicine for your heart? It’s true! Depression can cause heart attacks and other heart problems, as can stress. To stress less, and suffer less sadness, find ways to laugh. Even if that means watching a funny video, reading a funny book, or watching a comedy TV show or movie.


Regular Checkups

You also need to be sure to check in regularly with your doctor to stay on top of your heart health. This way, your cholesterol levels can be checked, along with your blood pressure, blood sugar and more. This will help your heart stay healthy, and give you a peace of mind.


Get Rid of Sugar

Next, you should be aware that diabetes is still on the rise, and it greatly affects your heart. The best way to prevent diabetes is to stay away from all added and refined sugars as much as possible, if not entirely. I can’t stress how important managing your blood sugar is for your heart health. It helps prevent insulin imbalance in the body, and will help you suffer less stress as well. Any time your insulin levels rise, your body produces cortisol, the stress hormone. This truly stresses the heart because it has to work harder, and not in a good way, to fight cortisol from taking over. Be sure to reduce sugar and eat regularly. Along with getting exercise and avoiding trans fats, it’s the best way to protect yourself from diabetes.

Protecting your heart as a woman is important, so don’t neglect this duty we owe ourselves. How do you protect your heart?

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how can you reduce sugar!!

It's freezing where I live and exercising is one of my nyear resolution. What advice do you have for exercising in very cold weather conditions?

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