7 Insightful 💡 Ways Social Media 📱 Can Track Your Mental Health 🤕 ...

People like to joke and complain about how much of the world is currently obsessed with and consumed by social media. It's not true for everyone, of course, but I bet most people you know have some kind of social media account. Almost everyone is active somewhere. The thing is, there are several positive benefits related to using social media. You really do get to stay in touch with people and make new friends, and you share more than you might be able to otherwise. Even more than that, you can use your social media counts to track your mental health, which is certainly beneficial. You have a map of your moods and the moments they hit you.

1. You Can Keep Track of Moments of Anger, Sadness, Happiness, and Depression

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Especially if you use Time Hop or you pay attention to the memories on your Facebook account, you have a great way of keeping up with your deepest, most powerful moods and feelings throughout the years. You don't even need those two things, of course. You can just as easily scroll through your history to see what you've posted about your feelings.

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