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As you start the New Year ready to get in shape, here are the weight loss tips of 2014. As a trainer for over a decade helping people to achieve their weight loss and health goals, I have come to be an expert in this field. Aside from working as a trainer professionally, I have run hundreds of races and 21 marathons so fitness is my life. And my greatest passion is helping others to strive for and achieve fit success. So here are weight loss tips of 2014 that you are bound to love and will help motivate you:

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Get up and Get Going

As you sit on the couch after a long day’s work, the hardest task to do is to get up and get going into your workout. Eliminate the possibility of a detour and exercise early in the morning or leave your work and head right to the gym so you can avoid any excuses. Simply getting up and getting going tops my weight loss tips of 2014 because it works!


Exercise in Positivity

Make sure you exercise in a positive environment, whether this is at a clean and friendly gym, workout class or in the comfort of your home. Surround yourself with positive music and an upbeat environment so you can achieve support towards achieving great results!


Find Fitness You Enjoy

As a trainer, the easiest part of my job is helping people learn to love fitness. If you find fitness you enjoy it will feel less like work and more like a healthy and fun addition. Find a workout that works for you and you can achieve incredible results!


Integrate Some Weight Training

Ladies, stop living in fear of weights and give weights a chance. By lifting weights 2-3 days a week you can achieve amazing muscle tone and reshape your body. So for 2014, give weights a chance; you won’t regret it!


Eat for Your Health

Stop eating food out of sheer cravings and start making healthier food choices. If you eat for your health rather than your current mood, you will have more energy, manage or lose weight more easily and get sick less. Making daily choices to eat for your health will pave the path for an amazing future of good health and fitness success.


Make New Habits

As humans we love routine and over the years we form certain habit that are hard to change. If you have a habit of eating late night snacks of chips and cookies, swap this unhealthy snack for veggie sticks or a Greek yogurt. Or if you have a habit of overeating, try to eat more slowly and manage your portions better. Make new healthy habits and remove food temptations from your home. Your new habits will create a healthier and happier 2014 for you!


Have Fun

Sometimes we get so caught up in doing what we are supposed to be doing that we forget to relax and just have fun. In order to make your fitness a success it is important to create fun goals and enjoy a lifelong journey of healthy habits. So have fun and achieve many health goals for 2014! Life is what you make of it so make your life a healthy and happy one!

Here's to a happy and healthy 2014, filled with fitness success, great health and lots of love. What are your fitness goals for 2014? Much success to achieving your goals and much more!

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