8 Weird Things We Learnt from Sex Surveys This Year ...


8 Weird Things We Learnt from Sex Surveys This Year ...
8 Weird Things We Learnt from Sex Surveys This Year ...

Everyone loves a good sex survey. Not only are they a fascinating glimpse into other people’s bedrooms – or various outdoor locations, judging by some responses – but they appeal to that side of you that needs to know that you are normal. Most sex surveys just reveal information that we all knew anyway – but just recently, there’s been a whole selection of…shall we say odder? Sex survey questions. Like these great examples…

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The Color of Love?

What color room would you be most likely to get it on in? If you are anything like me, you were picturing a boudoir-esque red and black design, or an empowering hot pink and black lace theme. Apparently not. Shopping company Littlewoods revealed that men who have purple rooms have almost double the sex than those with blue or gray rooms. Red did rate highly too, though. That wasn’t the only odd finding, either. Apparently couples who opt for silk sheets have sex twice as often as those who stick with standard cotton or nylon sheets, with silk-lovers averaging 4.25 times per week. New sheets, anyone?


Think of England…

Everyone’s heard the expression "sex on the brain' – but it appears that it isn’t quite as distracting as first imagined. The University of Amsterdam found that when we think about sex we release hormones which actually help us to concentrate. They tested the theories with a series of challenging mental tasks as well as conventional exams, and found that those who had been thinking about sex did better than anyone else.


Librarians Aren’t Quiet…

The naughty librarian cliché might seem odd, but it appears it could be closer to the truth than we imagined. A survey of over 5,000 librarians took place 20 years ago, and the results considered so scandalous that the researcher was sacked and the findings never released. A copy has now been found, and it’s emerged that 60% of librarians would like to marry Robert Redford, 18% Patrick Swayze and…oddly…3% Cher. 40% of the librarians also admitted that they’d sleep with Peewee Herman if he was the last male on earth. Right…


Europe is Best for Sexy Holidays

Last year, Durex quizzed over 26,000 people on their sexual habits. They then ranked the results by country, and revealed that the UK and US came bottom in terms of how often the participants had sex, and how much they enjoyed it. Greece topped the survey, with Brazil and Russia just behind them, and Canada and Japan were also at the bottom. So if you are planning a sexy holiday abroad, check out the gorgeous beaches in Greece – if this sex survey is right, it should put you in the mood!


More than You Bargained for

The State University of New York completed a range of studies into the links between sex and health, and came up with some surprising results. One study of 300 women found that oral sex has surprising healing powers, and can rival chemical antidepressants! They concluded that semen contains natural forms of mood-boosting chemicals estrone and oxytocin, antidepressant serotonin and sleeping aid melatonin.


Clock Watching

A women’s magazine gathered together 1000 men and asked them about how long they’d like to have sex for, excluding time spent on foreplay. They were told to ignore their partners feelings – and the results are somewhat surprising. While most of the men said they’d be happy with anything between 15 minutes and half an hour, 30 said that they’d like to keep it under five minutes, and a fifth said over an hour was the target. Wow. Well, if you’ve got time to burn…


Car, Bed or Sex?!

A US mattress firm recently surveyed thousands of American adults, to find out what they looked forward to most in life. They found that 6 out of 10 men would prefer to have a good nights’ sleep than sex – and for women, the figure is even higher still, at almost 8 out of 10. 65% of those surveyed would rather give up sex for life than stop driving, and 86% would prefer a new Range Rover to a date with Claudia Schiffer. Um, okay then – one of the oddest sex surveys ever?!


Recession Boosting

Have you noticed your urges growing as the economy plummets? According to scientists at the University of Kansas, sex drives peak during recessions – and infidelity increases. It’s thought that this is a primal reaction to a threatening environment, with the urge to reproduce being caused by an evolutionary desire to continue our gene pool. Other scientists claim it’s simply a cheap method of entertainment when belts are tightened. Either way, everyone agrees that when times are hard, your bed is the best place to be.

Some sex survey questions are just down-right bizarre, but most do tell us something interesting about ourselves – and I wonder how many bedrooms are now rocking purple walls and silk sheets?! Have you taken a bizarre sex survey, or heard some crazy research? I’d love to hear about it!

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