What Does Your Birth Season Say about You?


What Does Your Birth Season Say about You?
What Does Your Birth Season Say about You?

Most of the time, you're told what your personality is like based off of astrology. However, Men's Health can tell you something about yourself that's based off of scientific research. Check out what your birth season means below:

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FALL - Food Allergies

FALL - Food Allergies Believe it or not, babies that are born in fall are way more likely to develop food allergies. Why? Well, Men's Health claims that, "Fall babies experience a lack of vitamin D during a crucial developmental period. This can affect their immune system and leave them susceptible to certain allergens." Babies born in fall are also more likely to develop asthma.


Winter - Lefties

Winter - Lefties Most lefties are actually born during winter months. It sounds strange, but apparently, "You can likely credit the effect of testosterone on your developing fetus-brain. High levels of T in the womb can delay the maturation of your left brain hemisphere, making left-handedness more likely to develop later on. And longer periods of daylight—say, from May through July—spur higher secretion of this hormone."


Spring - Skin Problems

Spring - Skin Problems If you were born in spring, you should be extra cautious about going out in the sun. Always wear your sunscreen, because, "The researchers think these babies might be exposed to higher UV exposure during their first few months of life—a critical period that might increase later susceptibility to the skin cancer."



Summer - NEARSIGHTEDNESS If you were born in the summer months, there's a higher chance that you'll need some fashionable glasses. "The researchers think it might have to do with seasonal differences in birth weight or other environmental features like temperature."

Does this accurately describe you, or are they way off?

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In my case it says my birth took my poor mother 9 months, as I'm a nearsighted, left-handed asthmatic!! :-)

September baby , and I have them all hahaha

Left handed born in February!🙋

Very wrong. I was born in June and have perfect eye sight but bad allergies

#maybaby, and yes i have skin problems

I'm September so spring for me, but I'm also a lefty :P

It's true for me, I wear contacts but I have terrible vision. Then I am a summer baby

I'm ganna call bullshit on this one, sorry!

Amazing! My baby nine month old baby, my husband and I are all born in the spring. Wow this is so true!

Yes! Summer baby and I need glasses for my near-sightedness!

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