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What Gives Your Zodiac Sign Anxiety ...

By Melly

Anxiety is something that has the power to effect every single one of us at some point in our lives. It doesn’t matter if you are the most confident person in the world on a regular basis, there is always going to be a time when you feel much less than that! What I find interesting in particular, is the notion that the things you get stressed and nervous about can actually be determined by the month that you were born! Here is what gives your zodiac sign anxiety.

1 Aries

Your anxiety stems from your tendency to bite off far more than you can chew. It stresses you out, but it’s something that you can't help but do all the time!

2 Taurus

You are at your most anxious when your life becomes unpredictable or uncertain. You love stability and hate it whenever it is threatened by something.


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3 Gemini

You get anxious whenever you feel like you are being trapped in a situation and you can't immediately figure out a way to get yourself out of it.

4 Cancer

Your main anxiety stems from your fear of being abandoned or left alone. It isn’t an uncommon anxiety at all, but it seems to affect a Cancer more than any other sign.

5 Leo

The natural life and soul of the party, you get most anxious when you feel like you are being rejected or humiliated in front of people that you know and like.

6 Virgo

As a Virgo, you can’t help but overthink and overanalyse every single little thing that happens to you, to the point where it is only causing you anxiety and stress.

7 Libra

You get anxious when there is someone in your life who is repeatedly crossing the line and annoying you. You have told them before, but they don’t seem to listen and it stresses you out.

8 Scorpio

Unfortunately, it is just other human beings in general that cause your biggest anxiety! You can never predict what someone else is going to do or say, and you don’t like that.

9 Sagittarius

Your main anxiety stems from the fear of other people doubting you and trying to bring you down. You can’t bear it if you think someone doesn’t believe in you.

10 Capricorn

You get anxious when you see other people doing bad jobs of things, being incompetent and stupid when you know for a fact that you could be doing the job much better!

11 Aquarius

Your anxiety comes from people asking too much of you, demanding that you do the impossible because you have previously proven yourself to be a valuable and good worker. It’s not fair on you.

12 Pisces

Pisces girls can’t help but be super introspective and meta, so the unfortunate thing is that you get most anxious by the thought of getting anxious, it’s like a self fulfilling prophecy!

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