Why Your Body Deserves a Bath Instead of a Shower ...


Why  Your Body Deserves a Bath Instead of a Shower ...
Why  Your Body Deserves a Bath Instead of a Shower ...

Want to know why baths are better than showers? Thanks to the fast-paced nature of life in the 21st century, and for some, the perils of smaller, urban living spaces, showers are the number one form of washing one’s body compared to taking baths. A shower is definitely quicker, and a shower also uses less water, but there is no getting away from the fact that a shower cannot provide you with the kind of rest and relaxation that a hot, luxurious bubble batch can! Taking showers during a busy work week is completely understandable, but once the weekend end rolls around and you have a little extra time on your hands, here is exactly why your body deserves a bath and all the best reasons why baths are better than showers.

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Mood Booster

skin, human hair color, beauty, blond, bathtub, You should never underestimate just how great a bath can make you feel. The sensation of settling into a pool of hot water is wonderful, and it can bring with it feelings of isolation, comfort and quiet that are much much sought after at the end of a hard day’s work. If you want to get scientific about it, some experts have said that the feeling of submerging yourself into a warm bath takes you back to the feeling of being in the womb! And that's one of the best reasons why baths are better than showers.


Better Sleep

forehead, neck, product, ear, We all operate better when we had a great night’s sleep, and this can be achieved if you have a bath just beforehand. Science tells us that a colder core body temperature helps to induce sleep, and having a warm bath just before you decide to go to bed can produce a sensation of rapidly cooling within. It’s all about the production of melatonin, which will better prepare you for a good sleep.


Muscle Pain Relief

photograph, face, black and white, human hair color, beauty, We have all seen top athletes jumping in and out of ice baths, but for a more general aching pain, a nice warm bath can do wonders. The heat of the water will get your circulation going which can help to speed up muscle repair and relax tight muscles, and adding in something like Epsom salts to the water can also help to reduce things like inflammation of the joints.


Heart Health

face, head, mouth, girl, human, Recent studies have shown to prove that taking a regular warm bath can actually help to reduce your blood pressure. Blood pressure being low is important because it can help prevent serious things like heart attacks and strokes.


Calorie Burning

bathtub, snow, freezing, ice, winter, That’s right, sitting in a luxurious bubble bath can even burn calories for you! When you are in hot water in a steamy room, you will be prone to sweat, and the act of sweating can burn a few extra calories. Did you know that sweat induced by a nice hot bath can sometimes burn as many calories as taking a run?


Cold and Flu

girl, bathtub, You know when you have a cold and you decide to stick your head in a steam bowl? Well, taking a hot bath is a much more comfortable way to achieve the same effect! The steam from a hot bath will do wonders for your stuffy nose and your bad cough and will help to get the blood vessels in your face and nose moving the mucus along.

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