Why You Should Always Ignore the Lift πŸ— and Take the Stairs πŸ“Ά ...

Taking the stairs in the most accessible form of exercise. It’s a rare person who doesn’t have steps or stairs feature in their daily life. Yet, many of us wil opt for the elevator, escalator or a ramp, or park our cars where there are no steps. And it’s not just because they are there that you should take them. There are some jolly good health benefits to taking the stairs:

1. Lose Weight Effectively

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Taking the stairs instead of using elevator will help you achieve your weight loss goals. Research shows that you use about 8-11kcal of energy per minute when you climb stairs, and it is higher than other moderate level physical activities. Every step you climb helps burn about 0.15 calories, which means you will end up burning a calorie for about 10 upward steps.

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