7 Women's Health Tips That Every Lady out There Should Remember ...


7 Women's Health Tips That Every Lady out There Should Remember ...
7 Women's Health Tips That Every Lady out There Should Remember ...

Women’s health is an issue most of us hear about but can often dismiss in a busy schedule, so be sure to remember some simple women’s health tips in the midst of agendas, appointments and the daily grind. Remembering these women's health tips and checking them off your list will take minimal effort in the course of a year, but will make all the difference in your health for the rest of your life. Certain women’s health tips can improve your weight, your libido, your mood, your lifestyle and even your work performance. Make taking care of your health a priority, because your life depends on it!

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Get a Yearly Physical

One of the most generic, yet important women’s health tips is to get a yearly physical from a physician you trust. I prefer to see a natural doctor for this, and I’m so glad. I have experienced so many things by getting a yearly check- up that have changed the way I think about my health. My doctor has noticed things in my skin, mood and even my posture that have shown where certain areas of my health needed attention. A thyroid disorder was spotted, as well as a chronic skin condition I had two years ago. During the midst of a busy schedule, it can be easy to become overwhelmed and forget this, but it is very important. If you can, it is also never a bad idea to get a blood test during this time to check that all your blood levels are right where they should be.


Eat a Clean Diet

A clean diet is not only one of the best forms of medicine of all, but also one of the best women’s health tips that myself or anyone else can give you. Eating clean, whole, unprocessed foods is the best way to achieve the perfect body for you, and to give you the greatest peace of mind, and a perfect metabolism. A clean diet should be comprised of mostly vegetables, low glycemic fruits, lean protein and vegetarian sources of protein 80% of the time, healthy fats, and unrefined grains, preferably gluten-free. Limiting your caffeine to one to two cups of caffeinated coffee or tea per day is also optimal.


Move Five Times a Week for 30 Minutes

There is no greater mental or physical therapy than movement! Our bodies were made to move and our minds need it to manage stress. Our hearts depend on it for optimal health as well. Choose your favorite form of exercise and do it at least five days a week for 30 minutes at a moderate or intense pace. Walking, jogging, yoga, Pilates and mild weight training are all some of my favorites. If you want to increase your time or days that you do exercise, great!


Spend Time with Your Girlfriends

Along with good nutrition and a clean diet, spending time with your friends is also important for your mental health. You need to spend time with friends and laugh! We need to be around others to be healthy and interacting and engaging with others is important to manage stress and to maintain good social skills. Besides, when no one else gets it, whatever your problem is, most of the time your girlfriends will!


Get 8 Hours of Sleep

The older I get, the more I realize how important and necessary sleep is. As your hormones change, your sleep needs will change. You need to get at least 8 hours of sleep per night to manage your stress, improve your energy and even take care of your metabolism. Some of my favorite ways to aid in drifting to sleep include drinking chamomile tea, taking a hot bath or shower before bed and doing nightly yoga stretches to relieve stress and improve my flexibility the next day. Getting 8 hours of sleep can be great therapy, makes you look healthier, and make you feel like a new woman, plus it’s free!


See an OBGYN Twice a Year

Along with a physician or doctor of your choice, you should also be sure to see your OBGYN twice a year. Getting your ovaries checked, along with discussing your overall sexual and physical health with your OBGYN is important for all women. Your OBGYN can check to make sure cancer risks are being managed, that your menstrual cycle is healthy, help you maintain good breast health, and that you’re provided birth control if you need it.


Manage Your Stress

Along with getting good sleep, eating a nutritious diet and getting exercise, there are other ways to manage your stress you need to address. These include daily quiet times such as mediation, yoga or simple stretching in silence. Reading a book in silence, taking a slow walk in nature, spending time with your dog, watching a funny movie, or writing are all great ways to manage stress and some of my favorites. Chronic stress ages you, can cause disease, cause weight gain, increase or cause depression and is overall exhausting.

Taking care of your health is as simple as putting these 7 simple women’s health tips into practice each and every year. Do you have one that you would like to share?

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What if you work night shift.. and you try your best to get at least 6-8hrs of sleep after work. Does that considered a healthy lifestyle?

Most HMO's only allow a Gyn visit once a year unless you OB/Gyn is your primary care physician or you gave something wrong, and then you gave to be referred by your PCP. My PCP does any female exams I need and will refer me only once a year for a specific pelvic exam.

I don't find many things help me get to sleep. The only thing that helps is having a plan for the next day. I wish I could spend time with friends, but its hard if I don't have any. Then, because I don't have any I stress over it & it wrecks everything else. I have family, but they don't understand & I feel tired of just being around them. Friends family

Seeing OBGYN twice a year is ridiculous. Let's not get people heading into doctor unnecessarily and increasing cost of health care even more. Also, getting your "yearly" physical includes GYN exam.

Everything you wrote has perfectly sense. And YES it's very healthy to visit the obgyn twice a year! I love your articles, H!

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