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7 Worst Health Products of 2014 with Bogus Claims ...

By Heather

In your conquest of getting healthy this year, be sure you avoid some of the worst health products on the market that have some pretty catchy marketing claims attached to them. New health products are released every year that claim to make you slimmer, sexier, tighter, happier, smarter, and on and on and on. You're best to avoid anything that offers any miraculous promises in a short amount of time, along with foods that are highly processed. Save your money for whole foods and a good multivitamin, not some of these worst health products to hit store shelves in 2014.

1 Gummy Vitamins

Gummy VitaminsSugar and fake colors disguised as vitamins rank as one of the top worst health products out this year. There’s absolutely no need to consume refined sugar and artificial dyes just for the sake of getting in your vitamins. Take a regular multi and kiss the candied options goodbye.

2 Cheerios Protein Cereal

Cheerios Protein CerealBefore you head off and buy yourself some “healthy protein cereal,” check this out: the new Cheerios Protein cereal has twice the amount of sugar as regular Cheerios with 50% less cereal per serving. So basically, you could eat a whole cup of regular Cheerios and be better off in calories and sugar than what you could eat in the new protein cereal. To beat all, the protein in the cereal comes from lentils. Why not just eat lentils? You don’t need protein from processed, sugary cereal - it’s readily available in plants, nuts, seeds, and many other whole foods.

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3 Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia CambogiaTouted as one of the best ways to lose weight this year, garcinia cambogia is on shelves everywhere. Before you fall for this marketing ploy, however, remember that no one single “magical extract” can help you lose weight. What does? Eating plenty of produce, moving your body, and eating a well-balanced, whole foods diet.

4 Non-dairy Protein Milk

Non-dairy Protein MilkI love unsweetened non-dairy milk, but these new protein options are a bit of a stretch. While they aren’t the worst products you could buy, many have added sugar and unnecessary ingredients. Here’s another FYI: the protein comes from pea protein, so why not just eat peas or use pea protein?

5 Protein Chips

Protein ChipsAs you can tell, the food industry is taking advantage of protein’s weight loss and health benefits a bit too much. When protein starts popping up in foods like chips, I think we need to reevaluate where we get our protein, don’t you?

6 Fiber Bars

Fiber BarsThere are some decent nutrition bars out there, however fiber bars that taste more like a dessert and have a number of additives are not the kind you want to look for. While they sound promising with their low calorie content, the ingredients in these bars contain mostly refined grains and added sugars. Get your fiber from plants instead. It’s the only fiber you really need anyway.

7 Protein Granola Bars

Protein Granola BarsOnce again, we have another ridiculous protein claim in the form of a sugary granola bar. No matter how organic an option is, that doesn’t make its sugar and refined ingredient list any healthier. Have a bowl of oatmeal with some yogurt or some vegan protein powder instead.

Remember ladies, when it comes to buying health products, stick with options that have as few ingredients as possible and that go through a low amount of processing. What’s the worst product claim you’ve seen out this year?


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