7 Worst Health Products of 2014 with Bogus Claims ...

In your conquest of getting healthy this year, be sure you avoid some of the worst health products on the market that have some pretty catchy marketing claims attached to them. New health products are released every year that claim to make you slimmer, sexier, tighter, happier, smarter, and on and on and on. You're best to avoid anything that offers any miraculous promises in a short amount of time, along with foods that are highly processed. Save your money for whole foods and a good multivitamin, not some of these worst health products to hit store shelves in 2014.

1. Gummy Vitamins

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Sugar and fake colors disguised as vitamins rank as one of the top worst health products out this year. There’s absolutely no need to consume refined sugar and artificial dyes just for the sake of getting in your vitamins. Take a regular multi and kiss the candied options goodbye.

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