The Best πŸ™Œ Yoga πŸ™†‍♀️ Moves for Menstrual Cramps 😩 ...

Looking for some yoga moves to ease menstrual cramps?

Ugh! You were hoping your period would come on Sunday, after your swimming competition. Maybe you teach kindergarten and you just hate the days you’re not feeling well because the kids are so little and they need a lot of your patience. If you’re feeling menstrual cramps then start your morning off right with any of these nine yoga moves. Some are for beginners and some are for more experienced yoginis.

Either way, these yoga moves to ease menstrual cramps will help you get on with your life.

1. Child’s Pose

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Lay on the floor with your knees apart and place your forehead on the floor. The pressure from the floor on your forehead is a great way to reduce anxiety as well. Stretch your arms forward. This is one of the best yoga moves to ease menstrual cramps.

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