7 Yoga Poses for Balance That You've Got to Try ...

If you aren’t a fan of yoga poses for balance, then reconsider it! The benefits of these poses far exceed added leg or arm strength, though they do have a nice ring to them. Yoga Journal stresses that balance poses help realign our center of gravity, making our concentration more astute. Check out my favorite yoga poses for balance!

1. Tree

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One of the most commonly known, and practiced, yoga poses for balance is Tree pose. By rooting one foot into the ground and softly resting the other foot above or below the knee-cap, you can feel the body grounding itself. There are various hand extensions you can do in this pose, such as keeping them in prayer at the heart’s center, raising your prayer hands above your head, or extending your arms like tree limbs to the ceiling in an open V shape. I prefer doing the last of the three because it allows me to have a solid foundation but still feel the flow of energy from my toes to my fingers as they try to hold hands with the sky. If you are a newbie to balance poses, I strongly suggest this one!

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