7 Yoga Poses for Beginners ...


7 Yoga Poses for Beginners ...
7 Yoga Poses for Beginners ...

Yoga Poses for Beginners are great if you have wanted to try yoga, but haven’t yet. Before we get into different yoga poses for beginners it is good to understand what yoga is. Yoga is the balance between strength and flexibility. As you move through the different yoga poses for beginners you will gain strength and flexibility in your body. You can decrease stress, increase energy, and generally improve your daily life. Check it out!

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Mountain Pose

To start yoga poses for beginners stand with your feet together and arms along your sides. As you take in a deep breath lift your hands up over your head and place your palms together. Continue to stretch up towards the sky.


Tree Pose

Next lower your hands back to your sides and shift your weight onto one foot. Place the sole of your other foot on your inner thigh. Once you have your balance bring your palms together in front of your chest. Take a deep breath and continue moving your hands straight above your head. Relax and repeat on the opposite side.


Triangle Pose

For the next yoga pose for beginners stand with your feet three feet apart. Turn your right leg out to a 90 degree angle and your left foot out to a 45 degree angle. Lean to your right side as you extend your left arm straight up to the ceiling. After 5 breaths, come back to the center and repeat on the other side.


Warrior Pose

Begin with the same starting position as the Triangle Pose. Hold your hands on your hips and relax your shoulders. Extend both arms out to your sides with your palms facing down. Slowly bend your right knee 90 degrees into a lunge. Hold for one minute then repeat on the left side.


Downward Dog

The next yoga pose for beginners is called downward dog. Bring your feet back together after the Warrior pose. Bring your hands down to the floor and walk forward. Your body should create an inverted V. Hold this pose for three complete breaths.


Cobra Pose

After the downward dog lower your entire body to the floor. Your hands should be under your shoulders and your legs together and the tops of your feet against the floor. Raise your chest off the floor and towards the wall. Hold for a couple of breath then return to the floor and repeat one more time.


Child Pose

Your yoga poses for beginners will end with the child pose. After the cobra pose position yourself so you are sitting comfortably on your heels. Roll forward, bringing your head to rest on the floor in front of you and lower your chest on to your knees. Your arms should be extended in front of you causing a nice stretch in your back. Hold the pose and breathe.

Yoga poses for beginners are easy. With the 7 yoga poses for beginners above, you can follow them each in order for a good yoga workout. If you want to extend your workout go through the 7 yoga poses for beginners in order and then reverse the order until you are back at the mountain pose. Repeat as many times as you like. What are your favorite yoga poses?

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