7 Yoga Poses That Are Great for Digestion ...

After discovering the benefits of yoga in helping my chronic IBS, I fell in love with certain yoga poses for digestion. Don’t get me wrong; I love yoga for getting in a great toning workout, but it can also be a great healing exercise for many ailments. Yoga can heal depression, which also has a direct effect on digestion, but it also stimulates your lymph fluids and massages your inner organs all the same. All of these benefits play a role in your digestion. I don’t recommend eating a heavy meal before yoga, but these yoga poses for digestion can help after encountering a food you may be sensitive to, or when you're simply feeling stressed. These exercises are also great to do when you’re not feeling well enough for your regular workout and want to still include some movement into your day.

1. Seated Twist (Half Fish)

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Perhaps one of the best yoga poses for digestion is the classic seated twist. It is simple to do, and you should hold the pose for at least 10-20 seconds. Each time you breathe in, you should twist more in the opposite direction away from your bent knee as pictured. This helps release air in the belly and creates space for the spine. This pose truly massages and detoxes the inner organs and can help move the flow of things along.

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