You Might Need One of These Hangover Cures This Holiday Season ...

Sometimes the best cure for a hangover is a pint of water and a couple of headache pills before you got to bed. Others swear by a Bloody Mary with a raw egg cracked into it. If you’re British, a good β€œfry-up” is a go-to cure. Me? I like to stay in bed feeling sorry for myself. However, that might change now I have learned of some very tasty hangover cures from around the world.

1. Prairie Oyster, USA

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Seafood allergy sufferers needn't worry: there's no actual oyster floating in this drink, just a raw, whole egg yolk, which is probably just as hard to swallow for some. Salted and laced with a dash of sherry and vodka, a Prairie Oyster will curl up your toe nails and drive out your hangover at the same time. The egg yolk's cycteine soaks up the remainder of last night's alcohol - and protein for breakfast is said to be good for anyhow...

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