The Shocking Truth about the Magic of Aloe Vera Juice ...


The Shocking Truth about the Magic of Aloe Vera Juice ...
The Shocking Truth about the Magic of Aloe Vera Juice ...

It is for good reason that the Ancient Egyptians referred to aloe vera as the "Immortality Plant". This succulent plant has thick fleshy stems with spiny leaves. The fleshy stem contains the juice (or gel) which has been used for centuries in numerous medicinal, cosmetic and heath treatments. Containing calcium, sodium, iron, potassium, manganese, zinc, folic acid, vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, E and amino acids it no wonder aloe vera is considered magical.

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Weight Loss

human action, clothing, muscle, vacation, leg, Aloe vera juice can be an integral part of your weight loss process because it helps to stabilize your metabolism and in turn encourage fat burn.



hair, face, black hair, person, clothing, Aloe vera juice does wonders for the look of your skin because it has great anti-aging properties. The way that aloe vera gel gets rid of dead skin cells means that it can be really great for reducing the appearance of wrinkles.



clothing, swimwear, girl, swimming pool, muscle, You can put your system through a quick and easy detox by mixing two teaspoons of aloe vera juice with a glass of water and drinking it every morning.


Bowel Issues

clothing, undergarment, muscle, active undergarment, thigh, Aloe vera juice is particularly effective in remedying bowel problems because of its incredibly high anti-inflammatory properties.


Two Week Cure

hair, clothing, photograph, swimwear, image, Drinking aloe vera juice for a period of two weeks can produce marked improvements in rheumatism and arthritic symptoms.


Ease Muscular Pain

clothing, undergarment, lingerie, leg, blond, Applying aloe vera juice in its popular gel form can make for a wonderful treatment for muscle and joint pain.


Digestive Problems

clothing, thigh, active undergarment, muscle, arm, Ingesting aloe vera juice can do wonders for reducing the symptoms and effects of acid reflux, giving you a much more comfortable, stable body.



clothing, human positions, swimwear, sun tanning, vacation, Aloe vera juice has been praised for maintaining low levels of cholesterol by reducing something in our bodies called triglycerides.


Oral Hygiene

clothing, sunglasses, nose, beauty, girl, Many studies have been conducted that show that aloe vera juice can have a brilliant impact on your oral health and hygiene, reducing plaque and clearing risk of gingivitis.



hair, face, black hair, eyebrow, nose, Aloe vera juice is a great option for people with diabetes because it helps to regulate blood sugar levels.


Gum Pain

hair, clothing, fashion accessory, hairstyle, long hair, Applying aloe vera gel directly to the inside of the mouth can help to reduce gum pain and inflammation.


Eye Wash

hair, human hair color, clothing, black hair, brown hair, You can make a natural and effective eye wash by mixing two teaspoons of aloe vera gel into a cup of water.


Sinus Problems

hair, eyebrow, human hair color, face, blond, Aloe vera can be used a natural remedy for sinus problems, as it is rich in magnesium lactate which has strong antihistamine properties.


Fight Cancer

hair, black hair, hairstyle, nose, beauty, Some experts firmly believe that drinking aloe vera juice regularly can help fight cancer because its anti-carcinogenic properties can halt the growth of tumors.


Immune System

black, clothing, human positions, sitting, design, Drinking aloe vera juice can replenish the body’s stores of amino acids, which means that your immune system gets a needed boost.


Respiratory Issues

white, clothing, stuffed toy, fur, toy, Aloe vera juice is great natural treatment for any respiratory infections such as bronchitis or the flu.


Stretch Marks

photograph, clothing, blue, image, footwear, It can also help to reduce the look of any stretch marks that you might have, a common problem that upsets many women.


Shave Burn

clothing, swimwear, beauty, vacation, leg, Aloe vera can be used as a soothing product for women after they have shaved sensitive areas of their bodies.



eyebrow, face, hair, black, black hair, Aloe vera has an antimicrobial property that is super effective in reducing the symptoms of acne.


Insect Bites

hair, eyebrow, face, nose, person, Aloe vera can also be used as a soothing product to use when you are suffering from an itchy insect bite.


Dewy Skin

hair, human hair color, blond, face, black hair, You will be hard pushed to find a product that moisturizes and hydrates your skin better than aloe vera.


Hair Growth

hair, human hair color, face, eyebrow, black hair, Aloe vera is rich in proteolitic enzymes, which means that it is great at removing dead skin cells that could clog up your scalp and hinder hair growth.


PH Balance

hair, clothing, hairstyle, long hair, brown hair, Aloe vera boasts alkaline properties that help to maintain a normal pH balance in your scalp and your hair.



hair, face, clothing, eyebrow, beauty, Aloe vera has been used as a cure for annoying dandruff dating as far back as Ancient Egyptian times!



hair, black hair, face, hairstyle, long hair, Adding two teaspoons if aloe vera juice in to a bottle of your favorite conditioner will work wonders for making your hair even shinier and softer.


Sun Burn

hair, photograph, person, clothing, woman, We all try not to get burnt by the sun, but for those times when you do, use aloe vera gel to sooth your painful skin.



hair, face, eyebrow, hairstyle, nose, Applying some aloe vera gel over a sore cut will help to sterilize it and sooth some of the discomfort.

If you want to try aloe vera for yourself here's how to extract the juice and gel

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