Your M.D. Must Know These 7 Things about You ...

If you’re doing things the right way, you’re seeing your doctor every year or so for a checkup. At the very least, you need to be seen every couple of years, especially as you get older. Heading in to see your M.D. is important because he can watch for health issues and help you treat current problems. However, your doctor can’t do this properly if you don’t share some important information with him. Here’s what you absolutely must tell, no matter how embarrassing.

1. You Have to Tell Him if You Smoke, Drink or do Drugs

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Smoking and drinking too much can wreak all sorts of havoc on your health and your doctor can’t be on the lookout for these things if he doesn’t know you light up. Yes, you will probably get a stern lecture about the dangers of cigarettes and binge drinking, but you’ll make sure your M.D. knows that certain symptoms may appear as you get older. The same is true for drugs. Your doctor won’t turn you in, but knowing can help him give you the best care possible.

2. Make a List of All the Meds and Supplements You Take

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This is important because some of them can interact dangerously with each other, putting your health at risk. Before you see your M.D., make a list of everything you take and in what doses. He doesn’t want to condemn you for taking these things. He simply wants to be sure he doesn’t recommend something that could leave you sick or worse. It’s that important.

3. Your Romantic History is an Important Thing to Share

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This is probably going to be one of the more mortifying things you’ll have to do, but it’s important. Experts urge you to tell your doctor how many partners you’ve had, your history of STDs and other such info. That way he or she can assess you for possible health risks that go along with this. Again, you won’t be judged, but it can help your physician get a clear picture of your health and lifestyle.

4. How Closely You Follow Doctor’s Orders

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If you have a hard time sticking to a medication routine or following instructions regarding exercise, you need to let your doctor know. This can help him come up with a plan that benefits your health and that you are able to stick with.

5. Talk about Your Mental Health

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Your mental health can be a contributor to certain health conditions and your doctor needs to know that. Though a typical M.D. isn’t licensed to treat a mental health condition, knowing you have one can help him determine the best course of treatment. Important things to share include whether you have depression, are abused, have a high stress job or family life and any other mental health diagnosis you may have.

6. Your Sleep Habits Are Good to Talk about Too

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Whether you are having a hard time sleeping at night or you lack the energy you should have during the day, there’s likely something you can do about it. If you can’t fall asleep or you can’t stay asleep, your doctor may assess your daily habits and help you figure out why. Same for low energy levels. Keeping mum just means you’ll keep on suffering so share this info right away.

7. Your Doctor Will Probably Want to Know about Your Hobbies

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If your doctor asks you what you like to do in your free time, he isn’t being nosy. Often, your chosen forms of entertainment could be culprit behind certain health issues. For example, if you binge watch Netflix, you might have vision things going on. If you sit hunched over playing computer games, you may have neck pain. You get the idea.

Which of these things are you holding back from your doctor?

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