7 Myths about Sex Revealed ...


There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about sex. There are things people believe that really aren't true, things people don't believe that really are true, and a lot of misinformed ideas in general. I'm of the school of thought that knowledge is power, you know? And in the spirit of that, I bring you these important myths about sex revealed for your viewing pleasure and personal growth – or something!

1. Oral Hygiene

A lot of people are under the impression that if you French kiss someone, you can do damage to your teeth. This is totally not true. In a way, French kissing is actually quite good for you. I'm serious! This is one of my favorite myths about sex revealed, because I am serious about dental hygiene, and I'll be honest, kissing is my favorite thing. Anyway, the fact is that the extra saliva entering your mouth when you kiss someone like this is really good for your gums and your teeth, and it can stave off decay.

It Comes Once a Month
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