8 Quick Stress Busters ...


A buildup of stress can cause all sorts of problems;3

high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, weight gain, and even a nervous breakdown.

You’d be surprised at how many ways there are to reduce stress and rapidly too.

There’s no need for an hour long massage or a day at the spa each time you feel stress coming on.

Although both those sound like some pretty good ways to reduce stress to me!

Here are 8 quick stress busters for you to use anytime and any where.

8. Eat a Snack

Sometimes it’s the snack itself that helps reduce stress and other times it’s merely the action of taking a break and munching on a granola bar or dried fruit.

Almonds are a great snack that also reduces headaches, which are common when a lot of stress is present.2

Drink a big glass of water and chew your food slowly.

Even if you just take 5 minutes to cool down and focus only on what you’re snacking on.

Take Deep Breaths
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