Hard-Hitting ๐Ÿ‘ŠReasons for Giving up Soda for Girls Who Aren't Convinced Yet ...


The news isnโ€™t good for the diet soda industry. In March 2016, Fortune Magazine reported that soda sales are at a 30-year low, following a consecutive 11 year decrease. Their statistics show that the decline in sales of diet soda is much bigger than for regular soda. This is seen to be indicative of the public's growing skepticism about artificial sweeteners. The report also noted that there was a significant increase in the sales of bottled water. So why are Americans turning their back on diet soda? Should you be following the trend?

1. Give up Diet Soda to Revive Your Taste Buds

Frankly, savoring a really delicious meal or your favorite ice-cream to the full are sufficient reasons to give up diet soda. This is not one of those "old wives' tales." You really can revive your taste buds by cutting out your usual soda chaser. Eating and drinking anything will be more enjoyable and you'll be able to taste far greater flavors in all their subtle shades. The artificial sweeteners in diet soda typically give our taste buds such a blast of sweetness, they become quite numb. For example, Splenda ranks 600 times sweeter than ordinary table sugar. According to studies, brain scans reveal that diet soda affects the sweet receptors in the brain and rather than satisfying our sugar cravings, it prolongs them.

Quitting Diet Soda Facilitates Weight Loss
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