7 Apps to Help You Train for a Marathon ...


I admire marathoners so much (we have a few on staff here at AWS, actually!) and they've inspired me to Train for a Marathon next year.

I'm a sprinter, so this is going to be tough!

But I can do it, especially with their inspiration, and a little help from a tiny app or two.

Here are 7 apps to help you train for a marathon.

Best of all, most of them are FREE!

1. Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club

FREE at itunes.apple.com

This isn't just an app to help you train for a marathon โ€” it's an all-around fitness training app, and my very favorite overall.

It's completely tailored to your level of fitness and your goals, and includes audio support and the option of playing your own music while you get your sweat on!2

2. RunKeeper


FREE at itunes.apple.com

This free app helps you train for a marathon my mapping your runs, and keeping track of them, using the navigation features built into your iPhone or iPod Touch.

It's easy to use, and you can even boast to your friends about your stats on Facebook and Twitter.

3. Runner's World

Runner's World

FREE at itunes.apple.com

If you love Runner's World magazine, like I do, then this is the app to help you train for a marathon, for sure!

It's a user-friendly on-the-go replica of the print publication, with the same tips, inspirations, and programs to keep you on your path to your first, or tenth, or fiftieth marathon!

4. 5k Runner

5k Runner

FREE at itunes.apple.com

This running app makes it all so simple: get from your couch to your first 5k run in 8 weeks, by training with the app for 35 minutes, 3 times a week. It's gotten rave reviews, and I agree with them all.

5. Pedometer


FREE at itunes.apple.com

Maybe what we all need is a free, easy-to-use pedometer, and this one is my favorite.

It's incredibly simple to use, straight-forward, and accurate.

What more could you ask for in a pedometer app?

Runner's World SmartCoach Free
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