7 Common Myths about Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Infections ...


Believing myths about STDs can be a dangerous and maybe even fatal mistake. It's extremely important to know truth, especially when it comes to your health. The occurrence of sexually transmitted diseases and infections is unusually high in the United States. They're so widespread, yet there are so many thing people still don't know about them. I'm sure you know the basic facts, such as STD or STI stands for sexually transmitted disease or sexually transmitted infection, but what about the facts that aren't so basic? If you want to be sure that you've gotten your facts down, keep reading to find out the common myths about STDs.

1. "Birth Control Pills Prevent STDs"

Fact: Birth control pills do not provide protection against STDs. Birth control pills are very effective when used for the prevention of pregnancy by stopping ovulation. However, they can't block the sexual organs and fluid contact that the STD pathogens are transmitted through. This is one of the myths about STDs, many people believe!

"a Person Can't Get an STD by Having Sex Only Once"
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