7 Convincing Reasons to Not Eat Lunch at Your Desk ...


Have you ever thought about the reasons to not eat lunch at your desk? I know it’s tempting to pack a lunch and eat at your desk to get work done, but there are some surprising and convincing reasons not to! There’s a reason why your lunch is called a lunch break, so take a look at the seven compelling reasons to not eat lunch at your desk - and go out for a change!

1. It’s Dirty

For me, one of the best reasons to not eat lunch at your desk is that it’s not very clean! Even if you’re not the type to have a dirty desk, studies show that your desktop and equipment are some of the dirtiest around! Your mouse, keyboard, phone, computer monitor and even the elevator button are filled with germs! Take your lunch outside, to the cafeteria or to a café so you’re in a cleaner environment.

Give Yourself a Break
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