7 Easy Ways to Debloat before an Event ...


So you have a big event coming up and you need to find easy ways to debloat. Trust me, I have been there. As a dedicated foodie, I have come to realise that making a couple of simple lifestyle changes can knock a couple of inches off my waist and hips before a big event. My tactics are simple, so here are easy ways to debloat before an event.

1. Ditch the Sodium

Okay, so it is near impossible to ditch sodium altogether. However, many of us inadvertently add a truck load more than is necessary to our diets. This results in our bodies clinging to water, which makes us bloated. So pay attention to your salt intake and modify accordingly. This is probably one of the more challenging easy ways to debloat before an event (conflicting info there, I know), as it involves checking packets before eating stuff.

Drink Lots of Water
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