7 Effective Ways to Put on Weight during Chemo ...


When the average person calls to mind someone undergoing chemo, one of the first things they think of, fairly or not, is someone who is gaunt. It’s rotten, but it’s true: sometimes, people having chemo lose weight, a lot of weight. But not everyone, and not all the time; it is possible to maintain or gain weight during chemo, and to do it safely. If you’re worried about weight loss during chemo, I can help (though I always, always recommend chatting with your doctor, first). Here are 7 effective ways to put on weight during chemo, or at least just maintain weight during chemo.

1. Stay Hydrated

If the chemo drugs make you nauseous, or cause diarrhea, one of your first concerns should be staying hydrated. Aim for 60 ounces or more of water (or other fluids) every day. Normally, your doctor would recommend against Gatorade or iced tea, rather than plain water, but during chemo, it’s usually okay to drink whatever sounds good, and whatever you can keep down. The exceptions, of course, are alcohol and caffeinated drinks.

Keep Nausea at Bay
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