7 Essential Facts That You Need to Know about B12 ...


Because vitamin B12 is essential for health, it is important to understand the key facts about B12.

Vitamin B12 is a B complex vitamin that is water soluble.

It assists in carbohydrate metabolism and energy production, forms red blood cells, and assists in neurological function.

As you can see, if you do not have enough of this vitamin you will not feel your best.2

To prevent a vitamin B12 deficiency, you need to understand the facts about B12 so you can make sure you are getting enough for optimal health.

1. You Can Make B12

One of the most interesting facts about B12 is that the good bacteria in your intestines actually manufacture this vitamin.

In an ideal world the B12 produced by the beneficial bacteria would be enough for you to feel your best.

However, there are many factors that prevent the bacteria from producing adequate levels of B12, including taking antibiotics and diuretics.

Even eating spicy food can affect the bacteria’s ability to produce B12.

Therefore, while the bacteria can manufacture B12, you can’t rely on it.

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