9 Essential Vitamins You Can Get from Your Foods ...


The body is unable to manufacture most of the vitamins we need, which is where our food comes in, and there are essential vitamins you can get from your foods, rather than reaching for the vitamin supplement. The debate about the effects of vitamin supplements continues, with some of the research surrounding the efficacy of supplements stating that vitamin supplements don't make any difference to our health, as the people who are most likely to take them are healthy anyway. The opposing argument is that because of pesticides and over-production, foods have lost their vitamin and mineral potency and we therefore need a supplement to make up for the deficiency. Of course, everybody is different and some people may need to take certain supplements if their body finds it difficult to absorb certain vitamins from the foods we eat. We all have specific needs. For example, the nutrient needs of the elderly differ greatly from those of pregnant or lactating woman. The problem with supplements is that because of the fact we can get them from our foods, the danger is 'overdosing.' For example, Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin, as are vitamins D, E and K. This means they're not passed out of the body through urine so excessive intake can be hazardous to health. So, whilst the research and debate continues, here are some essential vitamins and why they're so important to maintain all-round health.

1. Vitamin a

This vitamin is essential for cell development, growth, immune function and vision. It also helps maintain the health of the skin. Vitamin A can come in the form of retinol from animal foods or beta carotene from plant foods. A lack of this vitamin can cause poor night vision, respiratory disorders and increased rise of infection. Get your vitamin A from oily fish, cheese, egg yolks, carrots (yes, there is some truth in the fact that carrots can help you to see in the dark), squash, apricots and leafy greens. This is just one of the essential vitamins you can get from your foods.

Vitamin C
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