Fab Ways to Fix "Text Neck" πŸ“± for Girls Who Are Deep πŸ•³in Their Phone for Too Long πŸ˜– ...


Our smartphones have transformed the way we live on a daily basis because most of us are attached to these devices for as much as 5 hours per day. As we text, research the latest go-to place, play games or navigate, our phones become the focal point of our day. As you read this article you are probably leaning down with rounded shoulders putting pressure on your neck and back, without even realizing it. This leaning forward position can give you text neck, which will have you feeling pain today and possibly later down the road. So combat these issues with these tips so you can be smarter than your phone and take care of your body!

1. Slouching

If you are one of the countless people that slouch as you navigate on your phone, you could be causing irreversible damage to your neck and lower back. Make a conscious effort to stop rounding your back when you are texting. Your body will thank you as you rid yourself of pain. Next bring the screen to eye level so you are not slouching. This will help you to avoid lean forward slouching!

Bad Posture
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