7 Facial Massage Techniques πŸ’†for Women Who Want to Stay Looking Younger πŸ‘§ for Longer ✨ ...


It's useful to know some facial massage techniques.

Obviously a massage is much better coming from someone else, but massaging your own face can still be quite effective.

Massage helps soften lines and get rid of toxins, and is also very relaxing.2

Plus don't forget that your facial muscles need exercise and pampering, just as the muscles of your body do.

Try these facial massage techniques …

1. Tapping

The first of the facial massage techniques you should learn is tapping.

This is a really simple technique that will make your face feel more alive.

Simply use the pads of your fingers to tap lightly all over your face, moving quickly from one area to another.

This will give your skin a lovely natural glow and help you feel more energised.

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