7 Habits of Women Who Barely Have Any Belly Fat ...

Is your belly area your trouble spot?

You aren’t the only one.

In fact, many women complain that they hate their middle and would do anything to slim it down and get rid of flab.

Unfortunately, women tend to hold fat in their waist area so it’s something you’ll really have to work for.

That’s why I went to girls with very little belly fat and asked them how they keep their abs tones and slimmed down.

Here they are!

1. They Never, Ever Drink Diet Soda

They Never, Ever Drink Diet Soda

You might think that opting for diet will save you tons of calories.

You are right in that regard, but you trade that benefit for the downfalls of artificial sweeteners.

For some women, they can cause bloating.

Research also shows that artificial sweeteners trick your body into thinking that sugar is coming, which causes a spike to your insulin levels, something that can lead to a larger waist.