7 Health Reasons That You Should Ditch Long Hours ...


Most people know that working long hours isn’t the secret to happiness – infact, overworked people often rank among the unhappiest. But did you know that those long days could be contributing to ill health, too? Recent studies have found a multitude of ways that long hours can affect your general health, including finding that people who work more than 48 hours a week are much more prone to alcohol abuse. Scary stuff. Here’s some other reasons you should ditch the long hours:

1. Heart Disease

The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health conducted a big study into heart health in 2010, and found that people who work longer than eight hours a day were between 40 and 80% more likely to suffer with heart disease, as opposed to people who worked eight hours or less. A 2011 study seemed to back this up, finding that the risks of heart disease increased by 67% if you work 11 hour days. Crazy. Put down your laptop, your heart will thank you.

Weight Gain
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