7 Healthy Ways to Gain Weight if You Have Food Allergies ...


If you think the only way to gain weight is by eating junk, freeze – there are so many healthy ways to gain weight!

Many people have to gain weight for various reasons, like a fast metabolism, eating disorder, or illness.

There are also people (my past self included) who are wondering how they are going to gain weight when they are allergic to so many different foods.

I actually found out I had food allergies right when I needed to gain weight, so I know from experience that it can be challenging to find healthy ways to gain weight.

That’s why I have gathered my tips to gain weight on a restricted diet while staying healthy.

1. Up Your Protein Intake

Building muscle is one of the many healthy ways to gain weight.

Of course, if you are seriously malnourished, you are going to need to gain at least some fat in order to get your period back (if you are a woman).

To supplement weight lifting, increasing your protein intake will help you put on necessary weight from muscle.

If you have special dietary needs, this can be hard to do.

Try these healthy protein sources: nutritional yeast, beans, nuts, seeds, quinoa, fish, sprouts, tempeh, and tofu.

Protein powders can be tricky, as many of them are loaded with added sugar, but I like Sun Warrior Raw Protein Blend sweetened with stevia.

2. Eat More Healthy Fats

Fats contain more calories per gram than the other two macronutrients (protein and carbohydrates).

That means it will take longer for you to get full if you eat them, as the calories are more concentrated.

If you load up on carbohydrates, you may get full quickly and therefore eat less than you would if you ate healthy fat, like nut butter.

Of course, if you can eat both go right ahead, but I’m just saying if you are going to choose between the two, pick the more calorie dense.

Increasing your healthy fat consumption will get your calories up and will provide nourishment to your hair and skin, while restoring your healthy glow.

There are many healthy fats to choose from if you have food allergies: nuts, seeds, avocados, coconut, durian, fish oil, and olives.

Drink Smoothies
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