9 Helpful Quotes to Help You Get over Sugar Addiction ...


If you're looking for inspiration to help get over sugar addiction, this is the post for you!

There is so much information available today for people who struggle with this particular sensitivity, including free ebooks with sugar-free recipes.

In order to get over sugar addiction you will have to renew your mind about about the role sugar plays in your life and health so that you can take the necessary steps for a new lifestyle.

1. Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad

I found this quote in a helpful forum on how to get over sugar addiction.

I think it means that having something to prove - to yourself, no one else - can be an amazing motivation to push you to work hard to get over a sugar addiction, or any other addiction, for that matter.

2. Anonymous


That makes perfect sense, doesn't it?

And to kick addictions, including a sugar addiction, it will require a lot of discipline, so be prepared - but you can do it!

3. Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey

I think what she's saying is that it's okay to fail - as long as you keep trying.

You might not be able to kick a sugar addiction the first time you try - so keep trying!



To put this in the context of a sugar addiction, consider this similar, but longer and more specific quote, from Therese J.

Borchard on the Beyond Blue blog: "I chose my life.

It was an easy decision.

Easy in that I knew what I wanted.

And yet its implementation means giving myself excellent self care, support, and nurturing: I eat three to four meals a day, everyday.

(It’s hard to resist sugar when you’re starving.) I do my best to get a good night’s sleep.

(It’s also hard to resist sugar when you’re exhausted.) When I go out to dinner, I choose a restaurant that has something I want to eat.2

I carry food with me when I’ll be gone for the day." So she's given herself ways and reasons she CAN, rather than ways and reasons she CAN'T.

Kim Kardashian
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