Innies Vs Outies: the Answers to Common Questions from Girls with Inverted Nipples ...


It is one of the mysteries of bodies. Why are some nipples outies and why are some innies? But what is an inverted nipple? It is a nipple that dimples in rather than sticks out. Some stay inverted all the time, others will pop out when stimulated. Do the nipple pinch test to work out if you have innies or outies and read on to learn more about inverted nipples.

1. Are Inverted Nipples Common?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions about inverted nipples because people are afraid they are some sort of freak or are deformed. Around 20% of women will have them either permanently, temporarily, or for a set amount of time in their life. You are more likely to have inverted nipples than you are to have an “outie” for a belly button, have ginger hair or green eyes.

Are Inverted Nipples Hereditary?
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