Stop Worrying Things about Your Breasts That Are Completely Normal ...


Stop Worrying Things about Your Breasts That Are Completely Normal ...
Stop Worrying Things about Your Breasts That Are Completely Normal ...

What is “normal” when it comes to breasts? Essentially – nothing and everything. Every woman’s breasts are unique – size, shape, perkiness, weight, nipple size, size of areola… Despite this, there are some features that cause concern and women to worry unnecessarily about their breasts being abnormal. Let’s put things straight, shall we?

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Inverted Nipples

Though it might worry you, inverted nipples are completely normal. Though inverted nipples are less common, around 10% of the population has them. They are not a sign that anything is wrong. It is simply due to changes that occurred in your body during puberty. It might make breastfeeding slightly more difficult, but there is absolutely nothing abnormal or dangerous about having inverted nipples. More info here Innies Vs Outies: the Answers to Common Questions from Girls with Inverted Nipples ... @Neecey


Hair around the Nipple

Just because we never see it in the movies, it doesn’t mean that it’s not normal! In fact, around 30% of women have hair on their breasts, and this can range from a few single strays around the nipple to something more. Though hair around the nipples is not a sign alone of any worrying health problems, an excessive amount on the breasts might indicate Polycystic Ovarian syndrome, so always contact your doctor if you want peace of mind.



Though a single lump on your breast will always be a scary thing to find, an overall lumpy feel to the entire breast tissue isn’t an immediate cause for concern. Your breasts get more lumpy when you are on your period, and the general rule is that unless you find and feel a solid lump of between one to three centimeters in size which should be seen to immediately, a more general feeling of ‘lumpiness’ is nothing to worry about. Examine your breasts regularly to get to know their lumps and bumps intimately and it will be easy to identify any changes. 7 Things You Need to Know about Self-Breast Exams ... @Alicia


Different Sizes

In all honesty, you will be hard pushed to find a single women in the world whose two breasts are exactly the same size as each other! Sometimes it’s a small difference, sometimes it can be up to two cup sizes and beyond, but having different sized breasts is a completely common and normal thing to have. It effects even the most famous among us, with Jennifer Lawrence and Keira Knightley having complained about their breasts’ unevenness.


Bumpy Areola

Having little bumps around your nipple is completely normal, and is simply an indicator of the number of glands that you have in your breasts. These little bumps will be the things that secrete watery fluids during pregnancy and breast-feeding should you ever have a child, so they are there for a good reason even if they might worry you!


Point in Different Directions

Studies have proven that the angle at which our nipples point outwards depends entirely on how they are situated on/within the body. For example, if the nipple on your left breast sits higher up than your right, then it will probably point in a different direction. As we already know, breasts are hardly ever symmetrical, so different direction pointing nipples are nothing to be concerned about!


Stretch Marks

The presence of stretch marks on your breasts can be upsetting to some people, but the thing to remember is that a whopping seven out of ten women have them, and they are nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, the likelihood is that if you have a few stretch marks on your bust, then you probably have a nice big pair to boast about!

So, now you know: your breasts are completely normal. Ok?

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Thnx I was worried about the stretch marks. I think men don't like it?

Very good points and you would put a lot of girls worry at rest! Very good and to the point!

My girls are fine. What a relief

This was all very enlightening.

I never pay attention to boob details! But that's just me.

This was very interesting and helpful. I have stretch marks but I'm barely a c cup😞

Honestly my boyfriend didn't even notice the stretch marks on my butt, because by the time he saw them he was focused on more important things (if you get what I mean). Most men REALLY are not as shallow as some say. He didn't even know what cellulite was.

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