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It is one of the mysteries of bodies. Why are some nipples outies and why are some innies? But what is an inverted nipple? It is a nipple that dimples in rather than sticks out. Some stay inverted all the time, others will pop out when stimulated. Do the nipple pinch test to work out if you have innies or outies and read on to learn more about inverted nipples.

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Are Inverted Nipples Common?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions about inverted nipples because people are afraid they are some sort of freak or are deformed. Around 20% of women will have them either permanently, temporarily, or for a set amount of time in their life. You are more likely to have inverted nipples than you are to have an “outie” for a belly button, have ginger hair or green eyes.


Are Inverted Nipples Hereditary?

Surprisingly they are. If a mother has them, then there is a chance her daughters and granddaughters may have them too. What is more surprising is that “shy” nipples may normalize over time, during puberty, and even for seemingly no reason at all. They may also revert during periods of arousal or after being massaged. This means you may carry a genetic trait that leads to inverted nipples and may not know it.


Do Men Notice Inverted Nipples and Will It Put Men off?

The truth is that if you ask a man what inverted nipples are they will have no idea what you are talking about. Most men do not even know they exist. A new lover may notice something if you have lost a “lot” of weight in a short space of time, but that is more to do with the shape. He (or she) may also notice abnormalities that may mean you have breast cancer, but he will not notice if your nipples are inverted. Obviously, if your nipples are inverted to the point they look like bullet holes in your chest, then he may notice, otherwise he will not.


Are There Non-medical Solutions to Inverted Nipples?

Actually, there are so many reasons and causes of inverted nipples that there are just as many ways to cure or fix them (remembering that many times they fix themselves). Solutions include gently losing weight, a nipple sucker (they actually exist) that stretches your nipples outwards, and some women with mild cases have their nipples pierced and a nipple bar put through that presses against the breast and pulls out the nipple. Do not use any of these methods without consulting a doctor if your nipples have suddenly inverted, as there may be a medical cause why they have become shy.


What Causes Inverted Nipples?

Most of the time you are born with the propensity to inverted nipples. If however, your nipples invert after always being popped out, there are many reasons for it. It happens to men’s nipples too and it is not a big problem. Here are a few other reasons why they may be inverted. These include breast cancer, tuberculosis, trauma, pregnancy or breastfeeding, inflammation of the mammary ducts, breast infections, sudden and/or major weight loss, breast sagging, ptosis or drooping and mastitis among a whole load of other medical terms.


Can I Breastfeed with Inverted Nipples?

If your nipples are severely inverted then you may have a little bit of trouble because the baby is supposed to latch on to an erect nipple. If you find you are having problems, then consult a doctor. Otherwise, your baby will find a way of extracting milk from you and most women will have no problems at all.


Are My Nipples as Sensitive if They Are Inverted?

People all have different levels of nipples sensitivity. For example, some men will yell out in pain if you brush their nipples too hard, and other men won’t mind if you chew on their nipples all night long. Women are the same, which means you may or may not have sensitive nipples (I have outies and other than reacting to temperature they are very insensitive). If they are inverted, there is no reason why they should not be as sensitive as if they pointed outwards. If your nipples have suddenly inverted and suddenly feel less sensitive or more sensitive, then you should consult a doctor right away because it may be due to a medical condition.

Did we answer all your questions about inverted nipples?

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