7 Inspiring Breast Cancer Survivors ...


Four of the breast cancer survivors in this list are familiar to you because thy are celebrities. The other three names in this list of breast cancer survivors are unknown to many of you; I included them because their stories moved me to support the cause especially in doing self examinations and having regular check-ups. Here are seven inspiring breast cancer survivors and the reasons why I look up to them:

1. Sheryl Crow

Sheryl Crow

"Sheryl Crow has breast cancer? No way, she is too awesome," I heard my cousin say this when her favorite rocker was diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2006. That sounded like only horrible people can have breast cancer. Sheryl Crow came out of it stronger even after her break-up with Lance Armstrong. She even adopted two boys and is a loving mother to them. She is one of the many inspiring breast cancer survivors because she refused to succumb to the illness. Instead she moved forward to embrace life with more passion and dedication.

Maritoni Fernandez
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