7 Lovely Ways to Show Your Support for American Heart Month ...


Heart disease is the number one killer of women and here in the US each year we recognize American Heart Month. The idea grew out of awareness that increasing numbers of women suffer from heart disease at an alarming rate, earning it the horrible moniker of “number one killer” of women in the US. Each February many women and organizations focused on women’s health shine light on this statistic in hopes of increasing awareness and encouraging women everywhere to stay pay attention to their bodies and stay healthy. In celebration of American Heart Month, we offer you seven ideas to show your support of women’s heart health.

1. Get Informed

One of the best ways to show your support for women’s heart health is to educate yourself on the issue. There are tons of medical resources concerning heart health and American Heart Month that are user friendly. Click on over to a site like heart.org to read about complicated medical issues concerning the heart in a layman’s terms sort of way. There are a number of further informative resources beyond the web to suit your needs as well. Books like “Medical Myths That Can Kill You: And the 101 Truths That Will Save, Extend and Improve Your Life” offer practical, albeit familiar, advice.

Share Your Knowledge
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