7 Natural Remedies for Your College Medicine Cabinet ...


If you're currently a student, you might be interested in some natural remedies to stock up your college medicine cabinet with. As tempting as it might be to pop a pill for every ill you suffer, there are some more natural ways to soothe your aches and pains and here are a few natural remedies to turn to in times of trouble.

1. Bothersome Bloating

We all know how annoying bloating can be and it can make you feel uncomfortable as well as self-conscious. Fennel seeds are your friend when it comes to beating the bothersome bloat. If you suffer from unwanted gas and bloating, try cooking with fennel seeds as a preventative measure. Alternatively, you can try chewing on a spoonful of seeds after a big meal as this will also freshen your breath. This is one of those great natural remedies that you may want to keep in the kitchen rather than the medicine cabinet!

Annoying Nausea
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