9 Popular Myths about Mental Illness That Aren't True ...


There are a lot of popular myths about mental illness out there, and most of them aren’t true. Because they might feel guilty or uncomfortable, people often tend to misunderstand other people who suffer from a mental illness. Due to all the stereotypes and prejudices associated with mental illness nowadays, people who do suffer from this kind of disorder are discriminated against, based on a few popular myths about mental illness that aren’t even true. You can change that by learning about these myths about mental illness that are actually false, and by spreading your knowledge among your friends, family and colleagues.

1. There Isn’t Any Hope for Someone Who Suffers from a Mental Illness

One of the most popular myths about mental illness is the common belief that there isn’t any hope left for a person who suffers from a mental illness. This couldn’t be more wrong! There are a lot of treatments, strategies and support for people with mental disorders. Even more, due to all the recent discoveries, they can live a happy fulfilled life just like any other person would.

Most People Who Suffer from a Mental Illness Can’t Work
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