7 Reasons It is More Important to Be Healthy Not Skinny ...


I would rather be healthy, not skinny.

Many women strive to be skinny or slim in order to live up to the image society has set as beautiful.

I dare to say that beauty doesn’t come from a cookie cutter.

Beauty is in all shapes and sizes.

That shape isn’t always skinny.

Some find the curves of a woman's body to be the most beautiful thing created on this earth.

I tend to agree.

I know that I have a body shape that will never classify as skinny.

That is why I challenge myself and others to to be healthy, not skinny.

1. Skinny Doesn’t Mean Healthy

Just because you see a girl that is slim doesn’t mean that she is healthy.

Health comes from eating right, working out, and getting good sleep.

Plenty of girls are skinny because of genetics, but poor habits can make them just as likely to have heart disease, stroke, and other health conditions as someone who is obese.

Wouldn’t you rather be healthy, not skinny?

2. Skinny Doesn’t Mean Lean

Not everyone who is slim has good muscle tone either.

How many times have you heard that fad diets may help you lose weight, but you are also going to lose muscle tone?

A person who is skinny but has never worked out or lifted weights lacks major muscle tone.

They are what some would call skinny fat.

3. Be Real

Realistically speaking, skinny isn’t an option for everyone.2

We all have different body types and shapes.

Some of us have more curves and others not so much.

You can’t change your shape.

If you were born to have curves, those curves are going to be there no matter what your weight or pant size.2

You can’t turn a circle into a rectangle.

It’s just not realistic.

How do You Feel?
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