Totally 💯 Logical 💡 Reasons to Drink More Water 💦 ...


Whether because you are still hungover from New Year's Eve or because it is your resolution, there are many convincing reasons to drink more water.

In "How Drinking Water Changed My Life", Gabriel Iosa describes how in the mornings, he would feel seasick... headaches, muscle pain, dizziness, nausea and no desire to do anything. Then, one morning, he had two large glasses of water upon waking up and his life literally changed! He had breakfast, showered, brushed his teeth and got dressed. All symptoms were gone!

He realized, if you sleep for eight hours, without a sip, obviously you will become dehydrated.

What are some benefits of staying hydrated? Here are the reasons to drink more water.

1. Reasons to Drink More Water

- Rids the body of toxins

- Keeps skin moisturized

- Makes muscles strong

- Helps to lose weight

- Increases brain cognitive function

- Good for the ankles

- Maintains colon function

When Should You Drink?
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