7 Reasons to Take a Break from Your Computer ...


Reasons to take a break from your computer are as simple as wanting to reconnect with the living things in this world more. But there are more points beyond this to consider. Following are some reasons to take a break from your computer the next time you're reaching for your tablet in the middle of the night!

1. Rest Those Eyes

Have you been told that as you get older, it’s inevitable that your eyesight will worsen? Perhaps that’s true for some, but keeping your gaze fixated on an electronic screen while you blink at a decreased rate doesn’t help either. According to WebMD, 50-90% of computer users experience some symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). Symptoms can include headaches, blurred vision, eye irritation, and more. While this is not known to cause long-term eye damage, in the short term, it can make your life more uncomfortable. Stepping away from the screen and refocusing your attention on the world around you can bring things back into a positive view, and become one of the most important reasons to take a break from your computer.

Reach out and Touch Somebody’s Hand
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