13 Reasons Why You Should Never Wear Maxi Pads Again ...


Dealing with that special time of the month these days can be tricky, however there are many reasons to never wear maxi pads again, because there are great alternatives when you have your special visitor. With all the options on the fully stocked shelves of pharmacies, it is no wonder most people are at a loss and confused as to where to go for the best solution that provides the most comfort and utility during this very delicate time. The reasons to forgo the bulky pad far exceed the number of names in phone books in New York, but here are just a few reasons to never wear maxi pads again that will keep you buying the latest alternatives each month.

1. That Awful Diaper Feeling

As many grown women are found diapering their own little ones, the last thing they want is to feel that heavy, wet and soggy feeling of a diaper, and the unfortunate effect of wearing a maxi pad is that awful diaper feeling. When Iโ€™ve worn maxi pads Iโ€™m very lucky if I donโ€™t swish, slush and crunch around in a huge maxi pad at my desk at work or school. It's inevitable that these things swell up in my panties on my heavy flow days and for me itโ€™s one of the main reasons to never wear maxi pads again, but unfortunately there are many more.

They Leak
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