7 Reasons Your Period is Acting Crazy 😵 ...


Periods are the bane of a woman’s existence and that’s when they act like they’re supposed to. When they start acting crazy, they move from bane to making us insane! So if you’re period is acting weird, these’re some reasons it could be off. And while it’s good to read up on the subject, always let your doctor know when something’s up with your cycle.

1. You’re Stressed

Stress can do more to our bodies than we realize. One of the simplest issues it can cause is to make your period go MIA. It’s frustrating and definitely aggravating but it happens. It’s one of your body’s ways of telling you to chill out and change the stressful conditions in your life. Anytime you don’t have a period you should always take a pregnancy test if that’s a possibility.

Your Hormone Levels Are off
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