Common Hygiene Mistakes You Might Not Know You're Making ...


We all like to keep it 100 – if we take care of ourselves and keep up our personal hygiene, we’ll feel the best we can too. You might be surprised that there are simple mistakes you can make when it comes to staying clean and fresh. Luckily we have them all right here for you so you can avoid them!

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Sharing Makeup

Okay, I know what you’re thinking: what could be so bad about borrowing that tube of lipstick or swipe of mascara from your BFF? The answer is simple – germs. It’s not worth ending up with pink eye or a bacteria infection from sharing makeup, so bring your own and avoid the risk.


Post-Gym Showering

Sometimes you might feel like showering after a work out is a pain. Maybe you have some place to go to or something to do, but it is important to try and make time for a rinse after the gym. Sweat trapped in your clothes can cause acne and irritation, so I always make sure to wash off the bacteria after I workout. Plus, you feel and smell better!


Skipping Flossing

I hate flossing. And you probably do too. But it actually is important, like your dentists say. Even if you brush thoroughly, flossing helps to keep your gums in good working order by reducing the bacteria trapped there. Nobody wants gingivitis (or bad breath!) so floss on the daily.


Shampooing Daily

It seems like it would be good to shampoo your hair everyday, but the opposite is true. If you shampoo less often, less oils are produced on your scalp and your hair stays cleaner longer. If your hair gets dirty easily like mine, you can use dry shampoo in between washes to keep it looking clean.



A lot of us with acne tend to think that adding moisture to the skin would make things worse. It seems crazy, but all skin types need to be hydrated to stay healthy and heal, so don’t skip that step in your beauty routine! Always balance your cleansers and exfoliants with a nourishing moisturizer to put your best face forward.


Using Irritating Soaps

The soap you use is actually more important than you’d think. Finding the most natural products to use in the shower can help with irritation and sensitivity. I always look for ingredients like shea and cocoa butter as well as essential oils when shopping for soap. They moisturize really well.


Not Cleaning Electronics

We touch our phones and keyboards constantly throughout the day, but do we clean them as often? Making sure to clean frequently used items like TV remotes and computers can get rid of the gross bacteria living on the surface. Our phones are also a breeding ground for germs, so sanitize that daily, too.

These are just a few common hygiene mistakes that we’ve probably all made at one time or another. Are there any that I missed? Leave your comments, and thanks for reading!

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